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Intel® Data Modem Solutions

Intel® Data Modem Solutions are designed to achieve the lowest possible overall system cost and meet DOCSIS*/Euro-DOCSIS standards.

Puma Family Product Brief

Puma Family Cable Modem, Set-Top-Box (STB) and Cable Video Solutions

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Puma 5 Product Brief

Puma 5 Product Brief

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TNETC 460x Cable Modem Chip product brief

TNETC 460x High-Performance Single-Chip DOCSIS 2.0 Cable Modem Chip product brief

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Intel® Cable Modems

Discover the Puma family of Intel® Cable Modems with best-in-class, integrated cable modem, set-top box, and cable video solutions.

Intel® Cable Modems -The Puma Family

The Intel® Cable Modems Puma Family of products provide technically advanced and highly integrated solutions to the cable industry.

Puma 4 Application Brief

DSP-based Puma-4 Architecture for EMTA Applications

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