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OpenStack* Open Source Software for Cloud Computing

Video: IT experts discuss OpenStack proof of concept, which aligns with security and carbon footprint usage models from the Open Data Center Alliance.

Intel Cloud Builders Guide: Data Center with Dell, Intel, and JouleX

This reference architecture outlines the usage of energy management technologies as part of planning, provisioning, and optimizing strategies in cloud data centers to reduce energy cost and to address carbon emissions for green IT goals. The reader should be able to develop appropriate energy management solutions based on the design options presented using JouleX Energy Management Solution* and Dell PowerEdge C-Series* servers implementing Intel Power Management technologies.

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Intel, Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure and Deployment Guide

Design Guide: Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager Self Service Portal 2.0* and Intel® Cloud Builders cloud infrastructure guide.

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Intel® Cloud Builders Guide: Powerleader Power Rack Server*

Brief: setup a private cloud with Windows Server Hyper-V*, the Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager Self-Service Portal 2.0*.

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Cloud Design and Deployment: Scale-out Storage with EMC Atmos*

EMC Atmos, Intel combine multi-petabyte scalability with automated data placement and control to deliver data efficiently.

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Intel® Cloud Builders Guide: Secure Storage with EMC and Oxygen Cloud

Build scale-out storage cloud architecture with sample installation of EMC Atmos* cloud-optimized storage and Oxygen Cloud* secure file accessibility.

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Cloud Design Guide with Enhanced Server Platform VMware Security

Security Design Guide: Intel® Trusted Execution Technology, VMware vCenter*, and VMware vSphere* creates cloud platform security.

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Cloud Builders: Enhanced Cloud Security with HyTrust*, VMware*

The Cloud Builders reference architecture with HyTrust, Intel, and VMware provides information on a secure cloud infrastructure deployment, operation.

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How to Build a Cloud Animation

Video animation: Intel Cloud Builders Reference Architecture: technical tips, live configuration samples to build a cloud configuration with VMware.

Parallels*, ODCA Trusted Computing Proof of Concept Solutions

Parallels partners with Intel to provide security monitoring and service catalogs to effectively deploy trusted virtual machines.