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Optimizing 3D Applications: Intel® Atom™ Processor-Based Platform

White Paper: Discusses 3D application optimization for Intel® Atom™ processor-based platforms and PowerVR* SGX graphics core. (v.001, Mar. 2010)

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Intel® EMGD Video Image Presentation Using Sprite for IVI: Paper

Paper: Intel® EMGD video image presentation using the sprite display plane for IVI reduces the demand on the graphics engine. (v.1, May 2014)

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Backlight Brightness Control for Embedded Systems

White Paper: Implement dynamic internal LVDS backlight brightness control as a software user application to work with Intel® EMGD. (v.1. Oct. 2010)

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Novel Hashing Method Suitable for Lookup Functions: Paper

Describes a hashing method suitable for lookup functions and how to compute a high-quality 64-bit hash digest on Intel® processors. (v.1, Feb. 2012)

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Intel® Schematic Checking Tool Report Interpretation: White Paper

White Paper: Describes how to interpret violations and decoupling reports received after using the Intel® Schematic Checking Tool. (v.1, Jan. 2013)

Manufacture on Celeron®, Intel® Atom™ Processors Based on 22nm

White Paper: Shares knowledge to facilitate customer manufacturing as an advantage service. (v.2.6, Mar. 2014)

Intel® Atom™ Processor E3800-I/D/M Platform 3.3V I/O Removal

White Paper: Covers removal of 3.3V I/O capability, transition to 1.8V I/O, and board design change. (v.0.7, Oct. 2012)

Collaborative Healthcare IT Systems for Optimal Patient Care

White Paper: Discusses considerations for creating collaborative healthcare systems, allowing information exchange across settings and optimal care.

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ISA Support on the Intel® Atom™ Processor E3800-I

White Paper: Indicates important considerations when implementing industry standard architecture support. (v.1.5, Dec. 2013)

Intel® Atom™ SoC E3800-I/M/D Cross Compatibility: App Note

Application Note: Hardware and firmware guidance for Intel® Atom™ processor and E3800-I-based platform and SoC cross compatibility. (v.1.4, Dec. 2013)