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Wireless Digital Signage Improves Mary Kay* Communications

Mary Kay* broadcasts targeted messages to employees and visitors using the OpenService* wireless digital signage solution based on Intel® processors.

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Media Content Protection in Digital Signage

Case Study: YCD and Intel® cryptographic instructions lower processor workload, bridging content gap from system installation through management.

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Intel® AMT Reduces Digital Signage Downtime: Study

Study: Intel® Core i7 vPro processor-based platform with Intel® AMT allows Samsung to remotely support digital signage, saving time and money.

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Digital Signage Enhances Spectator Experience: Case Study

The KFC Yum! Center’s digital signage runs on the Intel® Core™ i7 processor 2600, with a monitoring solution showing what is displayed in the arena.

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Interactive Media Wall Brings Intel®-Inspired Ultrabook™ to Life

Case Study: Interactive media wall brings the Ultrabook™ to life at the Mall of America with advertising, customer involvement, and information.

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Coca-Cola Overcomes Digital Signage Hurdles

Case Study: Coca-Cola chooses a YCD Multimedia* solution based on embedded Intel® Core™ i5 processor providing flexibility and lower support costs.

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Auchan’s New Smartphone-based cassaXpress* Grocery Shopping App

Case Study: The cassaXpress* mobile grocery app with Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family enables customers to make lists, scan products, and track bills.

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Rugged Xplore Mobile Devices Perform in Harsh Environments

Case Study: Xplore builds Intel®-powered mobile computers capable of withstanding rugged conditions, such as the military-grade iX104C5* tablet.

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Remote Healthcare System Speeds Diagnosis: Case Study

Case Study: AI-EKG* system by A N D Technologies Pvt. Ltd. enables patients in remote areas to send results to healthcare clinics. (v.1, Mar. 2013)

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DoD Open Standard Network Transformation

Case Study: Intel® modular platforms provide open standard network-centric solutions and commercial off-the-shelf support for DoD communications grid.

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