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Atos Enhances IT Services with Intel® vPro™ Technology

Enhancing IT efficiency and improving responsiveness with Atos and Intel® vPro™ technology.

IT professionals face significant challenges in managing client systems—especially when their organizations must support a geographically dispersed fleet of devices from a centralized location while serving an increasingly mobile workforce. Administrators need ways to inventory, provision, patch, diagnose, and repair PCs remotely, even if those systems are turned off or the operating system (OS) is not running.

In many cases, organizations spend too much time and money on deskside visits, and users can experience significant interruptions when they must help with troubleshooting sessions or verify hardware assets. These interruptions not only reduce employee productivity, they can also weaken security. Exposure to a new threat or vulnerability might be prolonged while service technicians hurry to the deskside to power up machines and install patches before the network becomes infected.

In today’s enterprise environment, there is a critical need for tools that can help overcome these challenges by improving remote services for managing and securing PCs. And with users becoming more mobile all the time, the task of managing client systems is only likely to grow.

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