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Intel IT Business Review

Our senior leaders provide insights into Intel IT best practices

Leading Intel IT

Transforming Information Technology

Every day in IT, we have the opportunity to transform traditional thinking and expectations about how IT delivers value that fuels business innovation, partnership, velocity, as well as productivity.

I encourage the people in my organization to be ‘bold’ in their thinking and ideas. And when they step up and act bold, they often delight me and our Intel business partners. Recently a small team took a bold idea and reimagined how we deliver information to our peers and the industry. Historically, we have provided the Intel IT Annual Performance Report, a comprehensive report of data and proof points on IT value, provided on an annual, year-in-review perspective.  This team asked, “What would happen if we took a new approach to communicating with our IT industry peers? Could we connect with them more often through social channels and share our best practices as we go instead of the end of the year? Could we build in social sharing and engage with them on their favorite devices?”

The results of their effort—our new Intel IT Business Review mobile app (for smart phones) and a digital magazine (for tablets). Going forward, the Intel IT team will engage with you at key points along our journey, sharing insights and best practices and connect you regularly with our IT experts, customers and fellow travelers.

While you can still find the same rich content among the pages of Intel.com, this new application allows you the freedom to gain insight on IT best practices from anywhere, at anytime, on any device.  We hope you will connect with us!

From your device, go to Google PlayAmazon, or iTunes to download the app.

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Big Data Edition

Intel IT's big data journey (so far)

Aziz Safa, General Manager of Intel IT's Enterprise Capabilities discusses how his teams are helping empower business groups to solve problems, identify opportunities, create efficiencies and mine value from the information throughout Intel.

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Advanced predictive analytics

Intel IT’s Ken Burns, discusses an advanced predictive analytic solution for our sales team that mines large data sets to identify the most promising reseller business partners—which can become a significant competitive differentiator for Intel.

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Big data analytics

Itay Yogev, Advanced Analytics Director for Intel IT discusses how his teams implemented a 5-6-10 rule (5 people, 6 months, $10 million in ROI) around Intel IT's big data projects to prove they are achievable and valuable and are now moving to even bigger opportunities.

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One big data strategy

Big Data is still very new. This means that the infrastructure platforms on which big data analytics are perfromed, are also relatively new. However, this doesn't mean enterprises shouldn't pursue big data success. Chandhu Yalla, Business Intelligence Engineering Manager for Intel IT discusses one big data strategy and three massively parallel processing platforms.

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Intel IT labs and big data

Over the past few years, Intel IT has investigated the concept behind big data technologies and we now have many of the capabilities running in our production environment. As Intel IT Labs continues to work and explore new and innovative solutions, they are focused on three areas. Ed Goldman, Intel IT CTO, breaks them down for us.

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Self-service BI

Intel IT’s David Schaefer talks about the development of Intel’s self-service BI program, and how that program has improved the decision-making capabilities of Intel IT’s business users.

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Intel IT 2013 Mid-Year Report

Transformation starts with leadership

Intel’s vision is to create and extend computing technology to connect and enrich the lives of every person on earth.  This coupled with changes in the market is driving shifts across Intel.  Almost all the changes we are making have an IT component.  Intel IT is redefining our relationship with the business to help transform the company.  This transformation begins with IT Leadership. Intel VP and CIO Kim Stevenson explains.

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A day in the life of IT

Every day Intel IT teams are working in the background ensuring a great customer experience. So what does it take to make that happen? Well, we put together a snapshot to show you.

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Multi-platform apps

As consumer technologies spread throughout the enterprise, Intel IT began investing significant resources over extended periods of time to design, certify and deploy solutions across multiple platforms. It became evident that we needed to modify our approach to support modern platforms and deliver timely solutions to our users without driving up application costs. Intel IT CTO Ed Goldman discusses our approach.

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Explore key topic areas in our IT CTO edition

Ed Goldman, Intel IT CTO

Blazing trails for IT through innovation

“Whether it’s exploratory or targeted, we have a process for identifying, prioritizing, and pursuing the opportunities that hold promise. It all boils down to use cases and business value, continually seeking new answers to an enduring question: how do we make things better, faster, and/or cheaper?” Ed Goldman, Intel IT CTO and general manager of the Intel IT Strategy, Architecture and Innovation group

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Learn Intel IT's 8 best practices

Where failure is an option

Failure is an uncomfortable topic. Nobody wants to admit their setbacks, let alone call attention to them. For Intel IT Labs, however, failure is an acknowledged and expected aspect of the job and a necessary ingredient of the innovation process.

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Designing for the unknown

How can applications be developed so they work on any platform, any operating system, any device—even ones that have yet to be conceived? Intel IT is creating a new app development paradigm to withstand the test of time, working towards a reality where multi-platform apps will be easily adapted for current platforms as well as the next set of innovations, whether it’s an entirely new operating system, consumer device, or user interface.

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Security Strategy

The next big (data) thing

As far as Intel IT leaders are concerned, analyzing massive quantities of data is not the endgame. It’s just the beginning. Intel IT’s Deep Insights research is exploring how to take big data to the next level, adding elements of crowdsourcing, data visualization, and machine learning to deliver greater insights, more accurate predictions, and untold value.

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Intel IT's private cloud best practices

Intel dynamic UX: personalization for the enterprise

Imagine a computing platform that understands you, helps you do what you want to do exactly when you want to do it. Intel IT researchers believe Intel Dynamic UX will one day reshape people’s computing experiences at work, benefiting them and the IT teams and industries providing support.

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Learn more about IT@Intel

IT@Intel: Sharing Intel IT best practices with the world

IT@Intel features insights from your peers inside Intel IT and showcases the practical application of IT innovations delivering business value right now. We invite you to engage in the latest thought leadership around industry trends and learn how IT can build business value by using agility, innovation, and proactive investment to overcome today’s toughest business and IT challenges.

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