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Intel® IT Innovation Center: Where Failure is an Option

It was less than two years ago when Vishwa Hassan, director of Intel IT Labs, was told he could be helping with more urgent needs, and not spending precious time and resources on a futuristic concept. He had just presented a new research project, built on the belief that tremendous value could be extracted when large quantities of data from multiple sources are combined and analyzed. This new-fangled “big data” concept, others insisted, was unrealistic.

“We respectfully ignored the feedback and moved forward,” reveals Hassan. “By the time we developed a proof-of-concept instance in our lab, the entire industry was buzzing about big data. And our engineering teams couldn’t wait to learn from our findings, get their hands on the cluster we had built, and collaborate further.”

Such is life for those entrenched in the trailblazing IT Labs within Intel IT.

Read the full Intel® IT Innovation Center: Where Failure is an Option.

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