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Intel IT: On the Leading Edge of Change

Intel IT: On the Leading Edge of IT Transformation

Moving to the Leading Edge of the Change Wave
We are in an era of unprecedented change. An era where people’s desires have gained tremendous influence. An era focused more on experiences than devices. And it is changing the very nature and role of Intel IT.

Let me explain.

What computing has done for productivity over the past several decades is astounding. E-mail, for example, revolutionized business efficiency. It dramatically accelerated conversations, processes, and outcomes. And it forever altered the business landscape.

While e-mail was a forerunner, there has been a constant stream of new tools, new capabilities, and new possibilities.

In many ways, consumer technologies have outpaced business technologies, dramatically altering the sphere of influence and innovation.

IT organizations have a choice to make: Resist this ongoing trend (a risky proposition) or embrace it. Intel IT has embraced these changes, and it is driving us to be more flexible and responsive to the individuals and departments we support.

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