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INT E L I T P E R FO RM AN C E R E PO RT 2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 1 Delivering Competitive Advantage through IT

2010-2011 Intel IT Performance Report (Standard)

Welcome to the tenth edition of the Intel IT Performance Report. As IT professionals, we play critical roles in our respective companies. When we as IT organizations excel, our companies are positioned to excel. Within Intel IT, our mission is clear: Use IT to deliver business value to Intel.

We deliver business value in numerous ways. We use IT to enhance employee productivity, to facilitate business growth and top-line value, and to drive business efficiency and bottom line results. We also deploy next-generation IT capabilities to improve the efficiency of our own IT operations—and in so doing, deliver value back to Intel. In this report, you will see several examples of programs that have positively impacted our company across manufacturing, supply chain, product design, human resources, marketing, and sales.

Like our industry peers, we face technology trends that are reshaping IT. One example is the “consumerization of IT”—a phenomenon that cannot be ignored. Employees want the flexibility to use their personal devices and solutions in the workplace. Personal and professional environments are converging, and IT needs to respond.

Cloud computing is another key trend that delivers both operational efficiency and business agility. Within Intel IT, we are building an internal cloud solution. As the pace of Intel’s business increases, the pace of IT must also increase.

Read the full 2010-2011 Intel IT Performance Report.

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