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Intel® IXP400 DSP Software V2.6.2: Programmer’s Guide

Intel® IXP400 DSP Software V2.6.2: Programmer’s Guide

1.0 Introduction
Intel® IXP400 DSP software V2.6.2 is a software module that provides basic voice and signal processing functionality for voice-over-Internet-protocol (VoIP) on the IXP42X product line of network processors and IXC1100 control plane processor.

This document explains how to use the Intel® IXP400 DSP software API and provides guidelines and examples to application developers.

1.1 Scope
The Intel® IXP400 DSP Software Version 2.6.2 API Reference Manual specifies how users can interface to the DSP software. This document provides more application information on how the interface can be effectively used. Some examples are given for illustration purposes. Details on pre-defined user messages, which are not part of the core DSP software but are provided to help ease integration, are also given here.

1.2 Audience
This document is intended for third-party software developers who are using the DSP software to build a gateway or server application. It is assumed that the reader has general knowledge of VoIP applications and products.

Read the full Intel® IXP400 DSP Software V2.6.2 Programmer’s Guide.

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