New Instructions Support Large Integer Arithmetic

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New Instructions Support Large Integer Arithmetic

Executive Summary
New instructions mulx, adcx and adox are being introduced on Intel® Architecture Processors. The adcx and adox instructions are being introduced one generation later than mulx. These new instructions will enable users to develop high-performance implementations of large integer arithmetic on Intel® Architecture.

To maximize performance of code using these instructions, users can program at the assembly level. However, intrinsic definitions of mulx, adcx and adox will also be integrated into compilers. This is the first example of an “add with carry” type instruction being implemented with intrinsics. The intrinsic support will enable users to implement large integer arithmetic using higher level programming languages such as C/C++.

New instructions are being introduced on Intel® architecture processors to enable fast implementations of large integer arithmetic. Large Integer Arithmetic is widely used in multi-precision libraries for high-performance technical computing, as well as for public key cryptography (e.g., RSA). In this paper, we describe the critical operations required in large integer arithmetic and their efficient implementations using the new instructions.

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