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Managing the IT Aspects of a Large-scale Divestiture

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Managing the IT Aspects of a Large-scale Divestiture

Executive overview

To meet the unique needs of Intel’s most complex ever corporate divestiture, Intel IT developed new processes and tools that solved substantial challenges in the areas of intellectual property protection, legal compliance, asset transfer, and manufacturing carve-out.

The divestiture was part of a large, complex, international transaction that created a new, independent semiconductor company in collaboration with an industry partner. Intel divested its NOR flash memory business, which was acquired by the new company; the new company also acquired the NOR and NAND businesses of the deal partner. Intel IT’s solutions enabled Intel to complete the transaction and facilitated the successful standup of the new company.

This enabled the new company to successfully continue operating and shipping products throughout the carve-out process, while it was in critical start-up phase. We accomplished a number of major achievements during this project:

• New information security procedures enabled the new company’s employees to securely connect to Intel’s infrastructure, so the company could operate effectively during carve-out. These and other modifications to security policy also benefit Intel long term.
• Separated three factories in multiple geographies with minimal downtime, while still shipping product.
• Separated and migrated a total of 365 terabytes of data, maintaining data integrity.
• Identified and transferred more than 16,000 assets, and inventoried and evaluated more than 9,000 software applications, transferring 2,547.The new company met design and production objectives during the carve-out process, and our experiences enabled us to formalize best practices for similar future program use.

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