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Microsoft Windows® Embedded CE 6.0 - Industrial Control Devices

Microsoft, Intel Industrial Control Devices: Solution Brief

A Simple Path to True Real-Time Performance: Standards-based devices shorten development time and lower cost

The question for many device development managers is whether to stay with time-tested, proprietary software and hardware components or transition to less costly off-the-shelf components. Leveraging homegrown real-time operating systems, FPGAs, and ASICS, OEMs seek to differentiate with respect to time-critical performance and reliability. But this specialty component approach comes at a price. Unique components may create hardware and software compatibility issues, increase the cost of maintaining aging proprietary systems, and introduce new security holes.

Device manufacturers supporting industrial, instrumentation, and control systems can achieve bounded, deterministic response times without developing custom operating systems and hardware components. Eliminating expensive component development, a device based on the Microsoft Windows* Embedded CE operating system and the very low power Intel® Atom™ processor delivers cost-effective, real-time performance. This platform is standards-based, has long life cycle support, and runs industry-leading security software, which minimizes compatibility, supply, and security issues. With Windows Embedded CE, developers don't have to share their operating system modifications because there's no general public license (GPL) concern associated with open source software. Plus, Microsoft offers IP protection to device manufacturers who use Windows Embedded CE.

True Real-Time Performance

Delivering predictable performance, Windows Embedded CE 6.0 is designed specifically for embedded developers who need to bring new devices to market in minimum time and at the lowest possible cost. This fully integrated development environment (IDE) is based on a 32-bit native hard real-time operating system that enables a finite response though a performance optimized kernel.

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