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Biogemma Boosts Research Technology with a New Intel Solution

Bogemma boosts research into plant genetics with new high-performance computing platform powered by the Intel® Xeon® processor 7500 series

• Performance: Biogemma wanted a new HPC platform that could better support the applications needed for advanced genetic research and deliver results faster
• Greater memory: With genomics applications capable of utilizing over a terabyte of memory, Biogemma needed a processor architecture that maximized the amount of system memory available at once
• Linux compatibility: Biogemma had chosen Linux* as the best operating environment for its applications and wanted hardware that was fully compatible


• Future-proof: Biogemma identified the six-core Intel Xeon processor 7500 series as offering the best solution for its processing requirements
• Optimization: The company’s IT team used Intel® C Compiler and GCC to optimize more than100 genomics applications for use with the SGI and Intel® Xeon® processor environment


• Expediting research: Since implementing the new HPC platform, Biogemma’s researchers have been able to perform calculations significantly faster; in some cases, the time to perform certain processes has been reduced by several days
• Future enhancement: Since implementing the new system, Biogemma is already planning an additional extension to further increase the processing and memory resources available to its researchers

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