Optimizing Data Center Infrastructure for Healthcare IT

Optimizing Data Center Infrastructure for Healthcare IT

The chosen technology configuration for supporting InterSystems HealthShare* addresses cost concerns, and improves operational efficiency and power management.

Intel® Architecture Scales for Growth of Data

Technology refresh based on best practices and secure operations
Healthcare technology is undergoing major changes..., driven by several concurrent trends, including migration to electronic health records (EHRs), cloud computing, health information exchanges, and compliance with industry regulations.

While these changes promise compelling long-term benefits, healthcare IT faces multiple immediate challenges. The technology refresh rate in healthcare is increasing, faster than in any other industry. The growth of EHRs, diagnostic imaging data, and institutional business records is having an enormous impact on data centers. According to Healthcare IT News, the global healthcare industry generates approximately 30 percent of the world’s data.

Technology refresh concerns: costs and choices
This burgeoning big data environment is particularly taxing on legacy systems, just one concern as healthcare IT struggles to keep up with demand. The support of existing infrastructure accounts for nearly two-thirds of total costs of IT organizations, and rising energy prices push data center costs even higher. According to Gartner, Inc., energy costs account for 12 percent of overall data center expenditures.

Because healthcare IT supports thousands of users and applications while continually addressing privacy and compliance standards, data center requirements can be complex. While advanced generation processors, servers, and storage and network equipment provide needed power and efficiency, healthcare IT has to be mindful of controlling costs. That is why it is important to determine a data center configuration that offers the best performance for the price.

More and more healthcare IT organizations are seeing the benefits of a centralized management of IT resources and a converged infrastructure strategy in order to increase resource utilization rates and lower costs.

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