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McAfee Healthcare Security* Solutions: Brochure

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Many security companies treat all organizations that fall within the healthcare ecosystem the same. The fact is, the security issues facing healthcare providers, such as hospitals and clinics, are very different from issues facing healthcare payers (insurance companies) and research organizations (pharmaceuticals). McAfee is committed to providing purpose-built solutions for integrity and control designed with the needs of healthcare providers in mind.

Security Connected from McAfee is a framework for the integration of multiple products, services, and partnerships that collectively provide centralized, efficient, and effective risk mitigation for the issues that matter most to healthcare providers. For more than two decades, McAfee has helped healthcare providers of all sizes around the world enhance their security posture. Regardless of geography, number of beds, or other factors, the same security issues resonate with virtually all healthcare providers. These concerns are top of mind:
• Securing sensitive data
• Protecting mission-critical systems: commercial, proprietary, legacy, and virtual
• Defending online web portals: B2B and customer self-service
• Managing the consumerization of IT—the influx of personal
smartphones, laptops, and tablet computers into the workplace.

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