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McAfee Data Loss Prevention* for Healthcare

Healthcare data protection that simplifies security and compliance

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Healthcare, probably more than any other industry, has to focus on keeping highly sensitive information safe and confidential. Like most other industries, healthcare is subject to a rapidly increasing web of regulation. Regulations are increasing in number and in complexity with penalties for noncompliance steadily rising in severity. Only a flexible data protection solution can ensure your regulatory compliance, give you oversight and control, and help you maintain the trust of your auditors, practitioners, and their patients.

Modern healthcare organizations are faced with a daunting problem. They have to support the ever-accelerating demands of the healthcare professional to deliver higher quality care at a faster pace across multiple organizations while consistently assuring safe data handling.

Without the right tools, it is impossible to ensure the safe handling of data or provide the flexible environment required by clinical staff. The careful selection of the right tools not only solves these problems, but also helps you pass rigorous audits easily and reliably.

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