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Managing Risk for Healthcare IT: White Paper

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As a healthcare IT executive, you are faced with the challenge of supporting your organization where technology is a critical component of quality patient care. A profession that requires vigilance because there is constant change in the context of which companies operate today where threats and vulnerabilities unaddressed can be costly to triage but can also have high regulatory impacts. Diagnosing and having visibility into the risk posture of the IT environment translates directly into more efficient operations. Fifty percent of professionals in charge of security at enterprises today believe with full visibility they can save six to ten hours per week If you are facing escalating expenses and staffing shortages, having a comprehensive risk management solution can help control cost and strengthen your organization.McAfee Risk Management* solutions eliminate the uncertainty through continuous visibility and real-time management. They optimize security by providing multi-layered, correlated defenses; McAfee Global Threat Intelligence*; and automated compliance. With enhanced visibility, effective risk management, and continuous compliance you’re able to address the constant change and compliance mandates with the utmost confidence.

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