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Unlocking the Medicine Cabinet: Healthcare Innovation Background


Unlocking the Medicine Cabinet: Technology Innovation as the Key to Improving Healthcare

The “Intel Healthcare Innovation Barometer” released in December 2013 reveals people worldwide are putting their highest hope in technology to improve health and wellness. People frequently experience the disappointments of navigating their own healthcare—whether it’s suffering through a long wait in the doctor’s office for a simple test, dealing with an ineffective medication that works for “most” people (but not them), or undergoing painful treatments for a serious disease that seemingly should already be eradicated.

From wearables and ingestibles to remote monitoring and sensor systems, new technology innovations are key to advancing healthcare that is more beneficial, accessible, and convenient for people. In addition to the work of Intel’s R&D and labs team, the company’s team of ethnographers has completed people-centered research in more than 1,000 homes and 250 hospitals across 20 countries to understand the everyday lives of people on the front lines of giving and receiving care.

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