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Unify Device Management, Cyber Security in the Connected Hospital

Intel, Symantec, Emerson Network Power unify remote management and security for healthcare platforms

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Unify Device Management, Cyber Security in the Connected Hospital

Solution Brief: Intel® Architecture Processors Symantec* Altiris* Client Management Suite Emerson* MATXM-CORE-411 Platform Healthcare Industry
General-purpose computing platform reduces the effort and costs associated with deploying, managing, and securing medical devices.

Reducing Complexity As healthcare providers digitize their medical records and integrate clinical systems and diagnostic data, opportunities are emerging to simultaneously reduce cost, redundancy, administrative burden, and medical errors, all while increasing quality of care. This is the driving force behind the “Connected Hospital,” spanning administration, health monitoring, patient care, imaging and diagnostics, and records management.

But, as the complexity and the number of devices within a clinical environment increase, so do the challenges associated with integrating, managing, and securing them. Surveying 74 hospitals across the United States, Identity Force found over 60 percent of hospitals had at least one data breach annually, while 20 percent reported ten or more a year. With cyber crime moving from individuals interested in fame to financially motivated criminal organizations, the security risk is increasing, evidenced by the exponential growth in the number of more sophisticated attacks.

Moreover, new security and privacy laws for healthcare, along with heightened enforcement and stiffer penalties, have increased the urgency of protecting data and infrastructure.

Collectively, Intel, Symantec and Emerson Network Power have developed a Connected Hospital proof of concept (POC) that demonstrates a unified approach for bringing advanced remote management features and enhanced security to healthcare computing platforms. The POC is the basis for the Metro* medDISPENSE* Automated Medication Dispensing System featuring the MATXM-CORE-411 platform from Emerson Network Power. This paper discusses how the new technologies featured in the POC can help hospital IT organizations manage medical devices with less effort and secure patient data more effectively.

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