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Accountable Care Organizations and Healthcare IT Strategies: Paper

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Accountable Care Models
While there are many models and variations, an ACO is essentially a group of hospitals, physicians, and other providers responsible for the quality and costs annually of a large group of patients in a particular geographic area. While ACOs are currently a proposed Medicare-payment model in the U.S., many private market payors, physician groups, and other healthcare entities around the world are preparing to form ACOs and ACO-like organizations in anticipation of inevitable market changes.

Like other alternative approaches to care delivery and compensation, ACOs organize and coordinate the end-to-end delivery of services for each participant across the care continuum from hospital to home. ACOs and other alternative models of care delivery are generally focused on providing care in the lowest-cost settings appropriate to the patient’s or citizen’s needs. In addition to providing coordinated care, ACOs will be expected to promote evidence-based medicine and patient engagement and to report on quality and cost measures. ACOs may participate in shared savings programs that reward them for reducing costs and achieving quality-of-care goals.

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