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IT Solutions for Financial Services

IT Solutions for retail banks and capital markets

Financial institutions in both the retail and capital markets are under unprecedented pressure to adapt.  From the teller in the window to the banker on the trading floor, everyone has been affected by recent economic developments, not to mention quickly developing technologies. Whether your firm’s objective is to reduce costs or navigate rising regulatory demands, Intel has the expertise and solutions to help you along the process.


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Capital Markets

Low-latency trading

Learn how Intel® technology helps reduce latency while increasing transactions.

Supply chain technology

Creating shorter trade cycles, faster cash flows, and lower operational costs.

Financial services IT

Intel simplifies firms’ day-to-day IT operations with flexible, easy-to-manage solutions.

Multi channel banking

Reach customers through a secure, flexible, and cost-effective IT infrastructure.

Risk management technology

Powerful Intel® technologies help users find and use the right data quickly and efficiently.

Retail Banking

IT in banking

Intel simplifies retail banks’ day-to-day IT operations with flexible, easy-to-manage solutions.

IT regulation banking

Everything retail banking IT experts need to know about recent legislation.

Banking technology

Intel platforms are driving new lending technology offerings and initiatives.

Mobile banking technology

Intel is leading the charge on helping retail banks adapt to the mobile world.

Banking risk management

Consumer banking presents all types of risk. Our solutions can help effectively manage them.