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Intel-Powered Clamshell Classmate PCs

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Intel-Powered Clamshell Classmate PCs

Intel-powered clamshell classmate PCs: purpose-built netbooks for education

With new features including a 10-inch screen and enhanced connectivity, the Intel-powered clamshell classmate PC makes it easier than ever to bring powerful, affordable computer technology into classrooms worldwide.

The Intel-powered clamshell classmate PC was developed after years of classroom-based ethnographic research, resulting in a netbook that delivers an innovative learning methodology for students and offers new ways for teachers to engage their students. The latest clamshell model is based on Intel® architecture and Intel® Atom™ processors, and provides a premium suite of 1:1 eLearning software applications such as classroom collaboration, access management, a child-friendly desktop, and a robust webcam.

Child-friendly, ultra-compact, and easy-to-carry, the netbook doubles storage capacity and offers a larger display and keyboard, as well as a more rugged design to ensure a better and longer-lasting user experience. Teachers, students, and administrators can also enjoy faster and more reliable Internet connections thanks to 802.11b/g/n WiFi and an expansion slot for 3G connectivity.

The Intel-powered clamshell classmate PC is part of the Intel® Education Solutions, a family of hardware and software products, reference designs, and services created to meet the educational needs of young students. Local technology companies that customize products and services for their markets are an important part of this program. These local, sustainable, and scalable solutions are now being deployed around the globe.

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