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Intel® Education Lab Camera by Intellisense: Application Note

Intel® Education Lab Camera by Intellisense: Application Note

Intel® Education Lab Camera is a science exploration application with six tools that enable students to carry out scientific concepts using the laptop’s or tablet’s built-in camera. It’s a cost-effective way to enhance STEM curriculum and promote scientific inquiry.

Features and Benefits

Value for Schools
• Enhances project-based learning, an ideal complement to STEM curriculum
• Reduces the need for expensive lab equipment
• Tools work across several science disciplines, such as biology, life science, chemistry, physics, and so forth.

Value for Students
• Engagement; fosters deep understanding of scientific principles and phenomena with modern digital tools
• Anytime, anywhere access to science tools built into the students’ device

Value for Teachers
• Enhances project-based learning in science disciplines
• Develops higher-order skills, such as investigation, drawing conclusions, collaboration, analysis, problem solving, and deductive reasoning
• With six tools built into one application, educators can save time managing and distributing probes and peripherals during valuable class time

Read the full Intel® Education Lab Camera by Intellisense Application Note.

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