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Classroom PC Performance That Makes Learning Take Flight

The fast, engaging classroom PC
The Intel® classmate PC – clamshell meets the requirements of educators, administrators, and school IT staff for rugged, powerful, student-friendly 1:1 eLearning. It features responsive performance for engaging educational experiences and a stunning visual interface with the Windows 8* operating system.

Amazing performance. This Intel classmate PC is based on the Intel® Celeron® processor, which delivers responsive performance and a rich visual experience. Whether watching educational videos, playing learning games, or jumping to the web for research, students will find that the Intel classmate PC moves as fast as their minds.

Windows 8 experience. The Intel classmate PC – clamshell is the perfect platform for running the new Windows 8 operating system, which provides a graphical, easy-to-use interface and improved performance. When combined with the Intel Celeron processor, Windows 8 provides blazing performance for boot-up, hibernation wakeup, web browsing, audio and video file encoding, and everything else your students do. The stunning combina-tion of Windows 8 and Intel Education Solutions design enhances education and enlivens learning while preserving your existing technology investments.

Clamshell classmate PCs come equipped with pre-loaded content, are fully interoperable with school networks and infrastructures, and are excellent vehicles for 1:1 eLearning and 21st century skill development.

Read the full Classroom PC Performance That Makes Learning Take Flight Product Brief.

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