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Intel Israel 2008 Report

2008 Intel Corporate Responsibility Report - Israel

Intel Israel has been operating since 1974, when the first Intel development center outside of the United States was opened. In 1985, Fab 8, the firstborn-U.S. production plant, opened in Jerusalem. The company focuses on the development and manufacturing of network and communications products as well as micro-processors. In parallel, it heads the mobile domain in Intel Corporation. Some 6,470 people are employed in the four development centers in Haifa, Yakum, Petach Tikva, and Jerusalem, and in the two production plants in Kiryat Gat and Jerusalem. Development Centers—Global Mobility Begins in Israel Intel Israel's development centers serve as a strategic growth engine for Intel Corporation and are responsible for some of the technological breakthroughs that change the face of global computerization.

At present, the centers engineers head Intel's global mobility strategy. The Israel development centers focus on processors for computers and wireless communication products. Over the years, many of Intel Corporation's core technologies have been developed at the centers, including the processor for the first personal computer, MMX technologies that constitute the basis of the Pentium® processor, technology platforms for Intel® Centrino mobile computers and the Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor. Similarly, the first ethernet controller, the first fast ethernet, and the first wireless LAN were developed in Israel. Currently, the next generations in Intel’s advanced computer families are being developed in Israel and Intel Israel’s engineers are heading the Imax revolution. In keeping with a global company that creates the future in the computer and Internet fields, VLSI (very large-scale integration), CAD tools for VLSI, and software technologies are being developed in Haifa.

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