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Teacher Li Ping Chou

Ambassador for technology in the classroom

Early adopter of technology in the classroom

Li Ping Chou is one of the Intel® Teach program’s biggest cheerleaders. Even before the program came to Taiwan, Chou—a teacher at Ming Dao Elementary School in Taipei—had seen firsthand how computers and interactive learning could pique her students’ interest. She had created her own digital tools to engage her students and to help them grasp complex topics more easily and had generously shared her methods with others through lectures and articles.

Li Ping Chou teaches children

Creating an active learning environment

When Chou attended an Intel Teach workshop in 2000, she was thrilled to learn that the program’s core concepts matched her belief in the value of integrating IT and creating an active learning environment in the classroom. Since then, she has attended every course offered through Intel Teach, and she has become a prolific Intel Teach trainer, helped develop courses, and run workshops across Taiwan. “I have been deeply involved in the program for years and am committed to sharing it with other teachers, because I believe in it and I love it,” she says.

Reasons for her enthusiasm? “Overall students’ scores improved after I used Intel Teach skills,” she says. “But what impressed me is that even students with low performance and interest raised their participation in class and have become more proactive. I love to see my students become more excited and interested in attending classes—especially the math courses. They feel they are playing the key roles in the class instead of just sitting and listening to teachers.”

She notes her students have more self-esteem and confidence than before. “Some of them are high school students now, and when they visit me, they always thank me for the way my teaching inspired their learning interest and trained them to be critical thinkers and problem solvers. It is satisfying for teachers like me to know the impact we can make to change kids’ lives in a very positive way.”

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Intel is helping to transform the lives of millions worldwide through education, technology, and programs that challenge and inspire.

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Intel Teachers Engage is a global online community of educators that supports research-based best practices in effective use of technology, project-based approaches, and assessment of 21st century skills.

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With more than 10 million teachers trained in 70 countries, Intel® Teach is the largest, most successful program of its kind.