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Rocking the Vote in the Deep Amazon

People of Brazil Make Every Vote Count

Voting's new voice in Brazil

Brazilians who want their political voices heard are harnessing the power of intelligent systems with Intel® technology. College students and businessmen, commuters by car and by boat, villagers and city dwellers, over 100 million people in Brazil cast their vote—the largest electronic vote in the world—using technology driven by Intel.

In the most unexpected places, Intel technology can change lives.


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Intelligent technologies

Embedded developers are enriching the lives of millions of people by embedding intelligence into billions of devices.

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father mother and two small children from Brazil

Technology transforms education

Piraí, Brazil, pioneers a 1:1 technology integration program in education as part of a larger effort to provide digital access to every citizen.

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Digital South America

Brazil isn't the only country in South America to recognize that future prosperity depends on technology. Learn how other countries in South America pioneer opportunities in technology.