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RCS Libri Opens a New Chapter in Book Distribution

RCS Libri is a company owned by RCS MediaGroup S.p.A and a major European book publisher. To make its sales team more efficient, it equipped agents with the latest generation of 2 in 1 mobile devices, powered by the Intel® Core™ i5 processor and running Windows* 8. In addition to saving on the production of printed materials, RCS has minimized errors in the order process and laid the foundation for more effective collaboration between agents and headquarters.

• Enhance the efficiency of the sales force. Provide the sales network with a modern tool that can quickly and interactively display the books in the catalog (canvas), so as to allow more time for the relationship with the customer and strategic activities.
• Integrate customer relationship management (CRM) software with SAP*. Adopt mobile hardware platforms that allow the use of CRM and cloud computing, which will then be connected with the management software to automate most of the tasks.
• Simplify the help desk. Reduce the various types of devices and operating system versions to lighten the workload on the IT department.

• Digitization. Replace all the old personal computers of the sales force, characterized by inadequate performance and poor multimedia capabilities, with 65 convertible devices of the latest generation, equipped with Intel Core i5 processors and the Microsoft Windows 8 Enterprise operating system.

• Integration of the sales process. The book catalog (canvas) is now browsable in digital form from the devices' touchscreens. Agents can interact with the customer and place orders directly from the catalog. Sales are recorded automatically by the system and entered into both the CRM and management platforms.
• Reduction of operating costs. The new fleet of computers will be homogeneous in terms of hardware and operating systems. This will free up resources in the IT department and decrease maintenance costs. The use of multimedia and interactive functionality will also create significant savings in terms of paper and other materials used for printing.

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