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Computacenter: The Power of Mobile Touch

Prove the potential of touch technology with Microsoft Windows* 8

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The Consumerization Challenge
The average employee has become much more demanding. As mobile computing has become more impactful in the consumer sphere, individuals have come to expect their tools at work to offer the same hassle-free and engaging user experience they get from their personal devices.
They want to be able to work any time, anywhere and expect to be able to choose the device they use, often a touch-enabled tablet PC.
This puts pressure on the organization’s IT team, which must now manage numerous types of devices that may not align with internal standards around security, OS or applications used, to name a few.
For both Computacenter’s customers, and its employees the consumerization of IT is posing an increasing challenge. Jochen Rapp, solution manager at Computacenter, explains: “Most of our customers run Microsoft Windows environments, but they’ve struggled to find a compelling touch-enabled tablet that can run this OS and fit their security requirements while also appealing to their end users.”
For this reason, Computacenter set itself the task of finding just such a device that could help fill the gap for customers with large and demanding mobile workforces who expect a much higher user experience than they would get with a traditional device. At the same time, it wanted to find an offering that would prepare itself, and its customers, for the future by enabling a smooth transition to the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system.