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Nokia Solutions and Networks Base Station Increases Mobile Networks’ Value

Turn bit pipes into smart pipes with an Intel® architecture-based server embedded into a Nokia Solutions and Networks base station

Base stations haven’t changed much since the 1990’s. They’ve always been meant to sit out in the Radio Access Network (RAN) and connect user devices to the network—primarily carrying voice calls and conveying data. But now, base stations are being transformed into intelligent service hubs capable of delivering services directly from the edge of the network, something that has never been done before. This advancement is the result of Nokia Solutions and Networks fundamentally changing the role of the base station to include IT capabilities, such as localized processing and content storage, and access to real-time radio and network information, thus enabling personalized and contextually-aware services. An IT architecture inside a base station forms Liquid Applications*: specifically the Radio Applications Cloud Server (RACS), which is based on high-performance Intel® processors.

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