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Editor’s Pick: Smarter Hypervisor Use, Big Change in Security


Smarter Hypervisor Use Can Lead to a “Big, Big Change” in Security

This Editor’s Pick is an interview with Simon Crosby, former CTO of Citrix Systems’ data center and cloud business and recent cofounder of a cloud security start-up called Bromium. Crosby talks about the continuing growth in malware and predicts at least one large public compromise in 2012. He also describes the opportunity for security to get to a more trustworthy, reliable infrastructure. His view is that the best way to do this is to build trust into the system from the ground up. Virtualization and associated hardware are the most fundamental building blocks. As an example, he describes how McAfee DeepSafe*, a collaboration between Intel and McAfee, uses the hypervisor to continually check that a running software system has not been compromised. This approach is a big change—with the hypervisor delivered as part of the basic stack.

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