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Technology for Tomorrow's Cloud

Data Center Design for the Future of Cloud Computing

Technology for Tomorrow's Cloud

Recent advances in hardware and software have enabled new usage models for storage, networking, power management, and security that will reshape data center design as tomorrow’s cloud develops.

Individually, these usage models contribute specific improvements; collectively, they present new synergies that arise as compute power, networking, and storage converge.

To see how Intel’s IT department implements these and other cloud computing initiatives into their data center design, read IT@Intel: Cloud Computing Strategy >

Cloud storage optimization with scale-out storage

To keep up with the explosive growth in data, storage solutions based on a scale-out storage architecture can create dynamic, flexible environments that support data growth at a lower cost, enable IT to adjust capacity on demand, and provide secure anytime access to data from anywhere in the world. By utilizing standard high volume converged storage servers based on the Intel® Xeon® processor family, new scale out storage solutions from companies like EMC are allowing IT to massively scale their storage in private and public cloud deployments.

Discover the Intel® Xeon® processor >

10 gigabit Ethernet for unified networking

Intel® Ethernet solutions  can unify your network as cloud computing increases I/O and storage demands. 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) adapters can consolidate ports and data center fabrics onto a single network, reducing cabling, infrastructure complexity, and overall TCO. IT leaders such as FedEx have standardized on 10GbE, and to see how Intel’s IT department utilizes 10GbE, watch IT@Intel’s Upgrading to 10GbE webinar.

  • 10GbE unified networking: Uses one adapter to carry storage traffic over 10GbE while delivering performance that scales with Intel® Xeon® processor-based platforms. Learn more about 10GbE adapters >
  • Intel® Virtualization Technology for connectivity (Intel® VT-c): Delivers near-native I/O throughput while reducing bottlenecks associated with virtualization. Learn more about Intel® VT-c >
Power management for data center efficiency

As the cloud grows, building data center efficiency requires power management that is both dynamic and intelligent. Using Intel® Xeon® processor-based servers as the controls, you can now set power usage to a policy defined by the management console. This helps you allocate and dynamically balance power throughout your data center using the following technologies:

Cloud security is a major concern when integrating cloud solutions into your data center design. With Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (Intel® TXT), you can use established pools of trusted systems to increase the security and integrity of your cloud environment. This helps create a secure foundation of virtual machines by ensuring that software hasn’t been compromised by malware. Cloud security solutions that utilize Intel technologies are also available from VMware, Parallels, Dell, Enomaly, and HyTrust.

Learn more about Intel® TXT >

As you move forward with your cloud strategy, new Intel-based storage, networking, power management, and security solutions can minimize costs and maximize choice and flexibility. Proven ecosystem solutions that utilize Intel technologies are available from the Intel® Cloud Builders program.


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1. La technologie Intel® Intelligent Power Node Manager requiert un ordinateur doté d'un processeur Intel® Xeon®, d'un jeu de composants Intel® pris en charge, d'un BIOS et d'autres composants indiqués dans la documentation appropriée, ainsi que d'applications optimisées pour la technologie de virtualisation. Les fonctionnalités, les performances et autres avantages de cette technologie varient selon la configuration matérielle et logicielle.