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Intel®CloudBuildersGuide Intel®Xeon®Processor‐basedServers StackIQRocks+

Intel® Cloud Builders Guide: Building Private Clouds with StackIQ Rocks+* Management Software

Intel® Cloud Builders Guide to Cloud Design and Deployment on Intel® Platforms: Creating Private Clouds from Bare Metal using Rocks+* Management Software

Audience and Purpose

This paper will discuss Rocks+, a deployment and management solution from StackIQ that makes building highly scalable clouds simple and efficient. We will walk users through the end-to-end cloud building process, starting from bare metal physical machines, and ending with a complete cloud environment well purposed for enterprise IT environments and service providers. We’ll frame the discussion by using BigCorp as an example customer, which has multiple departments with varying data center needs. First, we’ll set up a group of LAMP nodes for BigCorp’s Web Services Department. Second, we’ll set up a Hadoop cloud for BigCorp’s Analytics Department. In this process, we’ll show how these Virtual Private Clouds can remain completely isolated, while retaining a central repository of software by leveraging the Rocks Cloud Development Kit. Using Rocks+ and the contents of this paper, which includes detailed commands and screen shots, should significantly reduce the learning curve for building and operating your first cloud computing infrastructure.

Executive Summary

Rocks+ is a deployment and management solution that makes building highly scalable clouds simple and efficient by encapsulating and delivering the complete cloud stack in a single Linux distribution. By using Rocks+, you can quickly deploy a physical cloud with a central point of management and any number of virtual container nodes. The physical cloud can then be used to host any number of Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs), which gives users and departments security and control of their own infrastructure. The Rocks+ Cloud Development Kit enables modular components at each layer in the stack and allows users to define custom appliance types.

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