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Intel® Cloud Builders Guide to Cloud Design and Deployment on Intel® Platforms

The success of server virtualization to increase virtual machine density in cloud and virtual environments has exacerbated an existing challenge in the data center, the interoperability, automation and dynamic management of complex, inter-dependent and often heterogeneous network and security assets. Machine-to-Machine Intelligence (M2Mi) Corporation’s Software Defined Networking delivers Secure Network Virtualization to synchronize, orchestrate, and manage the cloud from the network outwards. The standards-based platform combines network intelligence with a multi-hypervisor cloud manager, enabling providers of public, private, hybrid, and federated clouds a seamless cloud with plug and play vendor flexibility. This reference architecture leverages the power of Intel® Xeon® Processors, as well as orchestrating Intel solutions for power management and cloud identity and security. The use case provided here is the orchestration of a multi-vendor, multi-hypervisor cloud environment with specific focus on provisioning complex enterprise applications, delivering multi-level, user customizable security, and handling complex application-aware network and security changes safely and reliably with minimal user required skills.

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