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REALTECH Enables Big Data Analytics on Mobile: Case Study

REALTECH Enables Big Data Analytics on Mobile: Case Study

Big data in your hand
REALTECH uses SAP HANA*, optimized for the Intel® Xeon® processor E7 family, to enable big data analytics on mobiles

• Data analytics. Independent SAP consultancy REALTECH needed a way to enable its customers to process huge amounts of data, in detail and real time.
• Rapid response. W...ith mobile devices rising in popularity, REALTECH needed an analytics platform that can deliver results to mobile devices, rapidly and on-demand.

• Proof of concept. REALTECH conducted a proof of concept of the SAP HANA platform based on the Cisco Unified Computing System* (UCS*) C260 M2.
• Powerful processors. The Intel Xeon processor E7 family delivers the performance required for big data on SAP HANA.

• Paradigm shift. SAP HANA, running on the Cisco UCS and the Intel Xeon processor E7 family, delivers performance and possibilities that will transform the IT market segment.
• Planned services. REALTECH is about to offer hosted and on-premise SAP HANA services, enabling customers to analyze and respond to data faster than ever before.

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