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Data Accelerator: Speeding to Big Data Value with Apache Hadoop*

Apache Hadoop* software and other elements of the Hadoop ecosystem can help you improve data analytics and capture value. MetaScale expert Scott LaCosse offers advice on how to fit Hadoop into your enterprise BI strategy and quickly capture big data value. Among his suggestions:

• Take advantage of the flexibility Hadoop gives you to work with new data types, larger data volumes, and ch...anging business requirements—all while reducing costs.

• Use Hadoop to analyze unstructured data streams in real time, but don’t stop there. Also look at business processes that are outgrowing the traditional data warehouse. Sears Holdings migrated key aspects in its price optimization pipeline from a mainframe data warehouse into a Hadoop environment, and found it could process 100 times the number of products in one-fourth the time.

• Data is a crucial asset. Make data collection part of every application, service, operational checkpoint, and touch point. The data you collect may turn out to be as valuable to the enterprise as the application’s or service’s targeted use.

• Start with a single use case to experience the power of Hadoop, demonstrate success, and start building your IT team’s skills.

• Modernize your infrastructure with scalable, modular technologies that offer with high performance, bandwidth, and reliability.

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